Garlic Pot-Peri is a delicious gluten free sweet Peri Peri Relish consisting mainly of cayenne chillies and honey. Pot-Peri has a lovely fragrance and is absolutely delicious but beware, this stuff is super spicy and will blow your mind if used too generously.



Water, Honey, Onions , Chillies (6%), Rapeseed Oil, Garlic (2%), Lime Juice



This product is very hot.


Nutrition Information

No Gluten, No Colours, No Preservatives or Flavourings. Natural ingredients with no preservatives; once opened keep in fridge and consume within 8 weeks.



Are you eating well tonight? Use Garlic Pot-Peri as a delicious relish to accompany a variety of hot or cold dishes, or stir into stews, soups, stir-fries and more; one spoonful is all you need.



Coeliac UK registered product: CUK-M-211. All So.withOut brand range products are laboratory tested and officially certified Gluten Free.



Gluten Free Coeliac UK registered product: CUK-M-211.



Manufactured and packaged to the very highest standards, exclusively in Great Britain.

Super Spicy Garlic Pot-Peri (Preservatives Free)

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